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Sentence with the word tags

"The costume is exactly what I wore on my mission—only the name tags are bigger," he said.

Not only that, but as Mr. Rosenthal rushed into the news conference, he says he saw Romney aides pulling up the name tags taped to the floor that showed where each guest was to stand—tearing up the paper with Mr. Wallace's name and replacing it with one bearing his own name.

She unbuttoned the top button of her pants, exhaled loudly, and crawled around under the tree, grabbing the gifts with her name tags and shoving other presents to the side.

Jonathan Slinger's neck has an unnerving floppiness: it's as if his head, stuffed full of Latin tags, is too heavy to hold upright.

Then I meet Shirley Huntbach, the BGS officer whose job it is to keep all the name tags in their wooden box.

The title tags in the navigation could be larger as well.

And they were laughing, and they had their name tags on.

We should put the name tags on the individual tables.

Can you feel my n00b-ness showing through? lulz I guess the title tags would be confusing if I get the same number of books in a week, so instead I'll be adding the date on the tile as well as the amount of books I got.

Organization of the title tags could be switched around, too.

1. Kid: This tag is really itchy! Hey, look! It was made in.. Iran! Where's Iran? 2. What kind of tags can you put on the word 'tag'?

Urban dictionary: Gimme 5 tags now!! *evil laugh* Poor shepherd: "I dont want no trouble, mister. I just came to Urbandictionary.com to submit a definition of gingham

run her tags to see if she's driving a stolen car.

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  • Sentence for "tags"
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    • cue, join, fasten, attach, add
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    • tagged, tagging, tags
  • Phrases for "tags"
    • sensormatic tags, intransit tags, dog tags, identification tags, luggage tags
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    • Ag, Bragg, bag, bagge, brag
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    • label, link, code, button, card
  • Variant for "tags"
    • tagging, tagged
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