tagine in a sentence

  • Moroccan food cooked in a tagine is superbly succulent and aromatic.
  • When I was living in Morocco, I first encountered the ubiquitous two-part cooking vessel called a tagine, with a low-rimmed concave platelike bottom and high cone-shaped top.
  • A tagine is a spicy Moroccan stew typically made with meat or poultry; it is also the name of the cone-shaped vessel traditionally used to cook the dish.
  • The word "tagine" is one of those cases where a cooking vessel has lent its name to the food prepared in it.
  • It was such a lovely place, and the owner just asked me what kind of tagine I fancied eating, and served me a three course meal in an alcove in the courtyard… It was heavenly.
  • Or, more simply, you hear a tedious celebrity say in an interview that he can rustle up a wicked lamb tagine, and you decide that "wicked" has had its day; from now on you will pin your hopes on, for the sake of argument, "pimpalicious".
  • This time of year a good choice is the fragrant North African stew called tagine.
  • The tagine of tagines, though, was one I ate one cold night in the desert.
  • Presently it arrived, a sizzling aromatic tagine served in its earthenware vessel atop live coals.
  • On the same outing I paid the equivalent of Fifty Dollars for takeout tagine, a North Africa peasant stew, for four people to eat at home.

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