taggant in a sentence

  • It has a detection taggant which is a low volatility substance which evaporates very slowly but its odour is strong enough to be detected by specially trained dogs that can identify the fact that it is Semtex, but not its origin.
  • That can theoretically include thermal signatures, or some sort of "taggant" placed on a person.
  • "Luke successfully identified a manufacturer's taggant in the explosives residue," he said.
  • Gilbert smiled, pleased by this news: a taggant, a color-coded marker embedded into the explosive by the manufacturer for owner and buyer identification purposes.
  • Q As I understand it, the legislation will also call for an independent study of the taggant issue.
  • And law enforcement has also asked that explosives used to make a bomb be marked with a taggant -- a trace chemical or a microscopic plastic chip scattered throughout the explosives.
  • We will share with others our research on explosive taggants, the chemical markers that help us track down bomb-makers, as well as taggant regulations are nation is now developing.
  • You can assume, though, that the taggant study is one of those issues, as well as the issue of roving wiretaps.
  • Q Is it safe to say the taggant provision will not be in the --
  • Part of the request was to fund the -- provide funding for the taggant study.

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