tagalong in a sentence

Sentence with the word tagalong

The bonus game points were a tagalong, which is a problem.

Being First Lady is a "tagalong" job based on what one's spouse has done.

when they headed to the bike corral to hop on their "tagalong" bicycle and ride to their Royal

Things get dicey and a lot messy once they and their tagalong Edberg get into the thick of things.

The tagalong/assassin leads an ARMY to capture the egg near the end.

Hero goes on quest with a companion and a bumbling fool tagalong the king sends to keep track of their progress.

Please see Jade from Jackie Chan Adventures for a fairly effective example of a kid tagalong.

Even when the King sends a competent tagalong/assassin, he fails to either finish the hero or recover the egg.

Misconception 3: “Adding a tagalong kid will help me broaden my audience base”.

Like a tagalong, but instead of peanut butter it was caramel and pecans.

1) "Look at that fool Abraham, he keeps following Wu around like a dog. What a tagalong!" 2) "Look at that desperate idiot, stalking that girl, loser tagalong

I was hungry so I grabbed me a box of Tagalongs!

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