taen in a sentence

  • All of the variations on Cumbric numbers are similar, and some are awesome - look at the Wasdale dialect, where "two, three, four" is "taen, tudder, anudder".
  • Then we will be free again. taen we all can sing, free at last, yes we are free at last, praise God Almighty we are free at last.
  • Girnington, has taen a new tack of life, I think, and I could only hope to get something by a change of government.
  • “Gentlemen — gentlemen, save yourselves! for the gudewife bade us tell ye there were folk in her house had taen Captain Craigengelt, and were seeking for Bucklaw, and that ye behoved to ride for it.”
  • “It may be sae, Willie,” answered Ratcliffe, composedly, “but I have taen a fancy to leave aff trade, and set up for an honest man.”
  • The garrison and our ain horse could hae taen Rob Roy easily enough.
  • They hae taen the indulged clergy, and an Erastian General Assembly of the ante pure and triumphant Kirk of Scotland, even into their very arms and bosoms.
  • When he appeared in his new attire, Mrs. Wilson was first thankful “that they fitted him sae decently, since, though he was nae fatter, yet he looked mair manly than when he was taen frae Milnwood.”
  • Young Earnscliff, Heaven bless him, has taen the chase, with Davie of Stenhouse, and the first comers.
  • (Vitam autem relinquendam esse bonis in nimiis quidem miseriis pravis vero in nimium quoque secundis) And similarly: [Greek: Dio kai gamaesein, kai paidopoiaesesthai, kai politeusesthai], etc.; [Greek: kai katholou taen aretaen aokounta kai menein en to bio, kai palin, ei deoi, pote di anankas apallagaesesthai, taphaes pronoaesanta] etc.

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