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The country won its first Olympic medal just two years ago, a bronze in taekwondo at the Beijing Summer Games.

Jean excelled in taekwondo before it became an Olympic sport in 2000, medaling in more than 30 competitions in the 1990s and winning a silver medal in the 1995 world championships.

Jean, a silver medalist in taekwondo's 1995 world championships, is their coach and a U.S. coach in the Summer Games.

I had never agreed to young children like him spending too much time on the Internet, said Yap, adding that his son was active in taekwondo and basketball in school.

Abdallah won a silver medal in taekwondo Friday, advancing all the way to the final before losing 2-1 to Jang Ji-won of South Korea in the 126-pound (57 kg) class.

"Steve will be very difficult to beat, if not impossible," says Herb Perez, a 1992 Olympic gold medalist in taekwondo when it was still a demonstration sport.

Steven Lopez, now 29, has two Olympic gold medals and four world titles in taekwondo.

It's a family tradition begun by Jean, who set his own competitive career aside to focus on training his brothers and sister in taekwondo.

Winning another Olympic gold would set a permanent standard for Americans in taekwondo.

"I'm saddened by the decision of the supreme council of the Malaysia Games to drop taekwondo from the Malaysia Games.

I Luv Taekwondo!!!!!!!

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