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Sentence with the word tactlessly

Beautifully played by John Heffernan, Bloch emerges as a whimsical Irish expat who knows all about the interviewer's history, including her marriage to Lucian Freud, but who tactlessly tells her: "I've got a very soft spot for difficult women."

In November forestry minister, Jim Paice, a tactlessly plain-spoken farmer from East Anglia not too many forests there, told a Commons committee that the government envisaged "a very substantial disposal of the public forest estate which could go to the extent of all of it".

It is hard to imagine that Germany could ever behave as indecently as the French, implode as spectacularly as the Italians, or grumble as tactlessly as the English.

But Kennedy was the president who sparked Israel's breakthrough to military predominance; he bowed to congressional pressure and became the first U.S. president to sell Israel cutting-edge weaponry, early warning radars, and then, stunningly, in 1962, Hawk anti-aircraft missiles (the cream of the NATO arsenal), which the Israelis tactlessly installed around their Dimona nuclear weapons facility.

“I have to look at this matter from a more national point of view than some of you,” he told them, tactlessly.

Himself had been heard to remark (tactlessly) that the castle's conservationists still had charge of the eagle only because its weight made stealing it difficult.

"We're eating like savages," she tactlessly bellows while dining surrounded by a tribe of very polite local natives.

Annabelle Fuller the UKIP press officer has alluded tactlessly to the Methuselan vintage of its members.

And since I was really bored I was tactlessly commenting on people that I saw.

I of course understand what you are saying and I am not under that impression, I am simply defending my opinion rather tactlessly, because its so hard to be bothered, to really try in blogs.

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