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I haven't found out what the trouble is, but I know you must have sinned against the girl in some way, or done something tactless, which is worse, and made her angry.

Herr Sydney here and myself, surely it was 'tactless' of them?

A spokeswoman for the department told Ekho Moskvy radio that it was "tactless" of the publisher to use the department's name for the calendar, but that the students would face no punishment.

As for Biden being 'tactless', I would suggest that's why Bibi considers him a straight shooter (aka "doesn't pull his punches").

Brighton Argus reported that workers at the Burgess Hill and Shoreham factories of the Edwards company were told in the video - deemed "tactless" by the Unite union - that manufacturing was being moved to South Korea and the Czech Republic.

Just when I thought I knew the names of most of the more tactless, bigotted Republicans, along comes this clown.

It's not like my physics major, where it seemed tactless but at least it was something I had chosen for myself so I could be blamed for it if they felt blame was necessary.

What other character do you know of who is searingly brilliant, stunningly engaging in his rat-a-tat-tat conversational wizardly, totally and even smugly tactless and rude - and still adored?

The world is corrupt, everyone's out to screw over everyone else, men are tactless pigs and women are manipulative gold-diggers and it's all enough to cast a permanent pall over everything.

As for “boorish and occasionally drug-addled”, the boorish one here is Matt Yglesias, and some of his more tactless commenters.

Julie was being tactless, when she asked about Tim's birthmark in such an insensitive way.

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    • were tactless
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    • maladroit
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