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This strategy is not mega bearishbonds, where we trade tactically from the short side.

The folds of his eyelids had grown heavier, and his melancholy, forgiving smile warmed Julia each time she saw it, even though there were times she felt his expression worked tactically to his advantage, and that he should not be doling out generosity but asking for it.

And I have talked to some White House advisers who admit that they say the Republicans have been what this adviser called tactically proficient in pointing out the shortcomings of the stimulus package, cherry-picking parts of it that don't seem stimulative.

One is if there are Iranian military people actively involved inside Iraq as a former marine, I would support the notion of tactically engaging them.

But I think the lesson that they might have learned was if you run a campaign strictly tactically, that is, if you don't have anything coherent and forceful to say, then you might as well not run.

And with Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, I learned to play tactically, which is what I most needed, what my game needed.

Vikram_Raj - I have NEVER heard Taggart described as tactically short before ... how does someone who is so poor with his tactics win as many trophies as he has during his time as a manager?

Players should shoulder some blame, however I have never seen a Liverpool team so bereft of ideas tactically, that is Hodgsons fault for sure.

I always wondered, just how did our father's and grandfather's "tactically" handle all those bad guys years ago without all this tactical gadgetry??

The poll itself is trivial of course; the fact that there are those who wish to sabotage it, or 'tactically' vote to prevent MP's blog from winning such a poll is an indicator that she causing the counter-culture trolls some discomfort by her persistent determination and success in coruscating reportage.

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