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Thus, the term tactical will not be used in this book, while strategic will be used as an adjective to mean relatively consequential, in patterns after actions are taken as well as in intentions that precede them.

Lovink was one of the first theorists to use the term tactical media, referring to the use of media technologies as a tool to distribute and promote ideas which are contrary and opposed to organized central authorities, such as state governments and transnational corporations.

Joel Hardin is widely respected as an accomplished tracker and tracking instructor, but he openly disdains the term tactical tracking, disputing the need for tactical considerations on a follow-up and openly mocking instructors from other schools of thought.

They started Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée AAA in 2001 as a platform to renew derelict neighborhoods, performing what they call tactical interventions in those neighborhoods involving local collaborators.

They also issued what they called a tactical alert.

I agree with you that bystanders, especially men, ought to be encouraged to give what you call tactical support to women who are being threatened with sexual aggression.

In a letter to the troops dated today, General Petraeus said U.S. forces have what he calls tactical momentum in Iraq, but he adds that overall military progress is "uneven" -- that's his word -- and political progress hasn't happened.

And their concern in the military is that they get the kind of what they call tactical intelligence, battlefield intelligence.

He is apparently not locked into a timeframe -- excuse me, free to seize what he calls the tactical advantage without even first consulting with President Bush or Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

If I can switch to the next slide, it's going to -- here we have an example of a-- what we call a tactical decision aid that was calculated based on the current weather conditions that shows that in the green area -- and this is an acoustic battle aid.

Why's Detective Florentine standing so close and taking notes while interviewing that gang-banger? Dude, that's not tactical.

*Ryan asks a question* *I answer a question* Ryan goes for a tactical wank while I'm answering his question.

Dude, you'd best get outta my grill before I go tactical on 'yo ass.

Normally, I'd be shit-faced by now, but I did a quick tactical before we left.

P1: we should get going nowP2: wait i need to take a tactical first before we leave

Idiot: Look I just bought this new knife. The Nocturnal Special-Ops US Marine SAS Killer.Me: What do you plan to use it for?Idiot: Everyday tactical carry.Me: Good luck trying to convince a jury you weren’t planning to hurt anyone when you decided to star carrying that.

1.guy 1: where's Fred? guy 2: gone for another tactical, my kleenex supply is diminishing at a worrying rate because of that obsessive bastard..2.Guy 1. You all set to meet Juliet? Guy 2. What if i get a boner? she's bound to see! she'll never even look at me again! Guy 1: Alright then, you can take three minutes out on the tram and have a quick tactical but you'll have to be speedy!

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