tactful in a sentence

Sentence with the word tactful

I would have tried to remain tactful, but I definitely would have spoken up.

Once the business is given the tools needed to streamline its processes, it's crucial for IT to remain tactful.

The girl proved her right to be called tactful, and, seeing her advantage, followed it up quickly by a few bright words.

Such, then, is the man who observes the mean, whether he be called tactful or ready-witted.

If you lean towards "tactful," the less emotional people people in your life may feel frustrated, wanting you to just "spit it out, already."

David, anything to say about the 'tactful' Hamas charter that orders the indiscriminate killing of all Jews?

I'm not a fan of censorship, but there is a balance to be struck between an artist's exploration in subject and media, and resulting useful (read in part, "tactful") artwork.

For me, tactful and tacky are not opposites, because "tactful" can only be used to refer to things people say, and "tacky" can only be used of actual objects or colour schemes, or clothes or whatever, but definitely physical things.

However "tactful" the title of the post is the opposite of "tacky."

Mosisili paid tribute to the Lesotho police for the "tactful" manner in which they had handled the "provocative" behaviour of the demonstrators.

A tactful way of correcting her

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  • Sentence for "tactful"
  • Synonym for "tactful"
    • skillful, diplomatic, adept
  • Antonym for "tactful"
    • awkward, tactless
  • Phrases for "tactful"
    • tactful guidance, more tactful, be tactful
  • Equivalent for "tactful"
    • diplomatical, diplomatic, discreet, discerning
  • Same Context for "tactful"
    • considerate, discreet, truthful, conciliatory, prudent
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