tacky in a sentence

Sentence with the word tacky

Instead, it's through the mediation of the new Capitol building's role as a cultural force -- one iconically reproduced on currency, commemorated in tacky souvenirs, and glimpsed through grubby windows from the backseats of cars -- that the presence of his future makes itself felt.

Of course I have asked to be removed from the spam list, and how tacky is it to ask for a pledge less than a month after getting a gift of $100.

Nicolas Cage "these days seems all too content to waste his and the audience's time in tacky genre throwaways," while Julianne Moore is "yet another performer who seems intent on breaking the hearts of the faithful."

And tacky is putting it lightly about using your daughter's hospitalization for campaign literature.

Now my hands are all sticky, covered in tacky goop, like flypaper.

Additional two cents 'worth: The AFSCME withdrawal of their endorsement of Dr. Dean was just plain tacky, as my mother would say.

I bunch of white trash in tacky chinese made flag shirts is hardly a revolt and don’t even start that stupid gun crap unless you want me to remove the firearm from you pudgie mitt and jam it up your ass …

First, the issue is arms, not a dating website, second the video is plain tacky.

Although it will smooth out, it will remain tacky.

And peering into other people's bedrooms is just plain tacky.

1. Dumb girls posting pictures of themselves with a lot of cleavage/ass is tacky 2. Beats headphones has tacky commercials with celebrities and bright colors to deceive people into buying their crappy products.3. Associating a product with sexy women is such a tacky way to sell something 4. Making false claims about a product with the use of hyperboles is very tacky

#1: If your tacky you'll definitely be on the Jersey Shore#2: Kim Kardashian is Tacky

Wearing a translucent blouse and a black bra is downright tacky.

Are you guys trying to spark some tacky?

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    • sticky, adhesive, raw, unkempt, gaudy
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