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There were farmers, labourers, a banker and at least two tacksmen.

The more illustrious of Colum's tacksmen and tenants were housed in the castle proper, while the poorer men-at-arms and cottars set up camp on a fallow field below the stream that fed the castle's loch.

Upon the appearance of Colum's men, Grant's tacksmen had all sprung to their feet, hands upon their swords, and the meeting would likely have resulted in serious bloodshed, had some sharp-eyed lad among the MacKenzies not noted the rather important fact that Ellen MacKenzie was nowhere to be seen among the Grants.

It quickly became apparent that this was the regular occasion on which the laird of Castle Leoch dispensed justice to his tacksmen and tenants, hearing cases and settling disputes.

Colum doesna travel, so visiting the tenants and tacksmen that canna come to the Gathering-that's left to me.

That many of the tacksmen, rather than comply with exorbitant demands, had gone off to America, and impoverished the country, by draining it of its wealth; and that their places were filled by a number of poor people, who had lived under them, properly speaking, as servants, paid by a certain proportion of the produce of the lands, though called sub-tenants.

While he had seemed on the verge of summoning the tacksmen and tenants to march, suddenly he backed off, saying that there was no hurry, after all.

We'd talk, about the tenants and the tacksmen, and how things might be arranged.

And some of the tacksmen, I should imagine, judging from the horses in the courtyard.

The lass was wed six months ago, to Hugh MacKenzie of Muldaur, one of my tacksmen.

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