tacker in a sentence

Sentence with the word tacker

The puntillero, 'tacker' had scuttled out with his short, sharp razor-sharp knife to cut the bull's spinal chord, the coup de grace, but as he begins his surgical insertion, the cut awakens the bull, and he rises howling and scrambling to his feet, the matador falls back, and the peones again appear.

I think the teachers know that if some little tacker can beat the crap out of the other kids, then his parents are equally capable of beating the crap out of any teacher who suspends him.

Best thing my folks ever did was move us out of there when I was but a wee tacker.

What sorts of things do you still need/want for the little tacker?

As a little tacker I had a collection of RAAF uncles, great uncles, & associate uncles that developed my love for the P38 & PBY, and my suspiscion that the rep of the Avro Lancaster is more spin than substance.

You must be a wee young tacker then if you dont remember their massive hit singles and the scandal from the fallout!

My little tacker in his cage sings, trills and chortles all day to his mate.

The reason she's showing off this little tacker is an important safety message.

‘They won’t be open yet this hour, except the saddler and ironmonger and little tacker-haired machine-man for the farm folk.

The ceramic vase filled with fresh ers hit the tile floor with a crash. tary advantage, Noah leapt forward, flashlight in a wide arc in front of ton like weapon swished through the air, tacker had backed out of range.

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