tacked in a sentence

Sentence with the word tacked

Joe tried not to imagine her imagining his name tacked on to the end of hers.

When we had finished I stood mopping my face with a handkerchief, but my eyes were glued to the label tacked on one of the boxes.

Funny, campy and sarcastic seem to in tacked, my only problem are the monsters.

An unnecessary roughness call on Rosevelt Colvin tacked on more yardage to Owens '30-yard catch to give the Eagles first and goal.

So, Nick thinks he is a ‘peer’ merely because he got his name tacked onto some review article and because he spent years on a forum obsessing over this flagellum problem.

And this Blogger label tacked on to each commenter's name is kind of weird.

It is not strange, therefore, that the edifice was completed by a Chicago contractor who had less self-respect than Mr. Willis, the latter having abruptly refused to have his name tacked on to the work.

All I can do is to get him to consent to a name tacked on to yours.

Trefusis than Penguyne, so I fancied that Penguyne was another name tacked on to Michael, and that Trefusis was just as much my name as yours.

Relaxing on a couch, hanging out with his brother and cousin, another Big Ten title tacked onto his resume, Terrelle Pryor took a call from DeVier Posey, one of his

I got so tacked last night

Man, your girlfriend it tacked, you need to move on, mang!

look at that man's eyes. boy is tacked like no other!

You ready for sping break bro?" "Yea I'm f*ckin tacked from hittin the gym and TanV for the last few months

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  • Sentence for "tacked"
  • Synonym for "tacked"
    • stain, tache, lease, confidence, reliance
  • Antonym for "tacked"
    • wear
  • Verb Forms for "tacked"
    • tacked, tacking, tacks
  • Phrases for "tacked"
    • tacked onto, treats tacked, quietly tacked, tacked on, France tacked
  • Rhyme for "tacked"
    • Adak, Black, Braque, Chirac, Jack
  • Hyponym for "tacked"
    • thumbtack
  • Hypernym for "tacked"
    • change of course, sew, stitch, run up, sew together
  • Cross Reference for "tacked"
    • attach, add, nail, course, port tacks on board
  • Etymologically Related for "tacked"
    • tacky
  • Form for "tacked"
    • thumbtack, hardtack
  • Same Context for "tacked"
    • nail, spur, pin, buckle, harness
  • Variant for "tacked"
    • ship, sail
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