tacitly in a sentence

  • Rather, it is to say that competent users of the term tacitly make those assumptions.
  • Vince, writer of said satire, hasn't done all his homework; his "ten" can be boiled down to half that many steps, and the lack of the defining adjective "Bad" in his title tacitly points up the cheap-shot nature of his diatribe.
  • I'll defer to Karen's greater expertise on campaign financing as to tease out whether anyone is behaving badly here -- or how bad the behavior is -- but the question seems to rest on McCain tacitly using FEC certification as de facto, theoretical collateral for his $4m loan:
  • (By praising Everything Is Illuminated's climax as a "pay-off," Janet Maslin tacitly admitted the grueling nature of the fun and games leading up to it.)
  • Maule showed tact in tacitly assuming the unexpected necessity for McKeith's abrupt departure – also that he had already bidden good-bye to his wife.
  • a caveat about the word "civilization". the word tacitly, tho very clearly, says ...
  • Isn’t McCain tacitly admitting Obama was RIGHT about being able to withdraw troops from Iraq without it falling apart???
  • Were this the sanction of government, our rulers would never receive it tacitly, which is the utmost that can be pretended; since what is given tacitly and insensibly can never have such influence on mankind, as what is performed expressly and openly.
  • And I've never noticed any mainstream or popular Democratic or "liberal" figures promoting - even "tacitly" - 9/11 conspiracy theories. chickenlittle wrote:
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill poses this dilemma tacitly in her announced health care goal.

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