tabooing in a sentence

  • The tabooing was a less ornamental but more decidedly useful formality, for by it his person was declared sacred and inviolable.
  • At the same time, a new kind of tabooing emerged in treating some subjects, where all look with suspicion at any journalist who tries to look with open eyes at whatever the investigator Mehlis is doing.
  • Re Andrew's points 1 and 2, necronym tabooing lasts for different times in different areas.
  • In part this may have been an i=effeiciency move, to avoid the neuisance involved in tabooing the Emperor's personal name throughout the kingdom.
  • But why should the natural predominance of heterosexual impulses lead to tabooing homosexual impulses and making them a crime?
  • All the chiefs find these people of the greatest use in protecting their property, for they possess the power of tabooing, and when once this ceremony is performed over any person or thing, no one dares to touch either; and for
  • Instead of tabooing our impulses, we must redirect them.
  • Besides these taboos, which were observed by each tribe separately, all the Zulu tribes united in tabooing the name of the king who reigned over the whole nation.
  • I inferred rightly that my notoriety was what was tabooing me.
  • Here was the primitive church exterminating every vestige of polytheism in her midst, tabooing pagan mythology as devilish, living with the great personalities of the Bible and upon their words, and yet freely employing the pagan names which had been hitherto in vogue!

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