tabled in a sentence

Sentence with the word tabled

The proposed amendment was "tabled" - in other words, it was withdrawn.

At the general assembly held at Edinburgh 1641, Mr. Gillespie had a call tabled from the town of Aberdeen, but the lord commissioner and himself here pled his cause so well, that he was for sometime continued at

It allows a smaller majority - two-thirds rather than three-fourths - of Senators to call a tabled bill back to the full Senate.

He said its been "tabled," which means it may still be around, but not at the moment, because it's not in the way of Wonder Woman.

Joel Silver says JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is "tabled" →

The email from the office of a MP in Palace of Westminster confirming that two questions that I had drafted the previous week on behalf of the City of Durham Credit Union will be 'tabled' in the House to The Chancellor of the Exchequer delighted my clients who are keen to raise the profile of Credit Unions, particularly in the wake of the collapse of Fairpack.

But then I was told that the project had been "tabled" for reasons that were not explained, and that the Modern Language Association had somehow succeeded in having this money assigned to themselves.

The delicate subject was finally "tabled", and when the meeting adjourned and the members walked home, everyone was talking about Miss Baskerville -- the men mostly talking with the men, and the women with the women.

Page: 4 THE WOMAN'S ERA. and "tabled," "passed," etc., by strictly parliamentary usages that gave credence to the proceedings as being "a Parliamentary Drill," as had been planned by the executive committee.

Rustic inns, or rather pensions, may be had at Vic-sur-Cère, in which the tourist is wholesomely lodged and handsomely 'tabled' at a cost that would enrapture Mr. Joseph Pennell.

Ohhhhhhh maaan... i have no idea where i am, will you help meee? (grabs fork and starts talking to it) Noooo... I'm not drunk.(giggles) I've only had a couple of beeeeers. Dooo you luv meee??? I luuuv you... (passes out, wakes up in either the hospital, the county jail or someones front lawn with a very painful hangover) Man I shouldn't have gotten so tabled last night... that was a badddd idea.

Ray tabled his lover in a fit of passion.

Haha you should have seen him, he was completely tabled

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    • slab, tablet, scheme, schedule, index
  • Verb Forms for "tabled"
    • tabled, tables, tabling
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    • tabled water, tabled by, be tabled, was tabled, have tabled
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    • table turning, tables of a chord
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    • tablet, tabulate
  • Same Context for "tabled"
    • chair, floor, room, desk, box
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    • water table, perspective plane
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