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One night I was taken to a clandestine warehouse table-tennis club in Brooklyn.

Here, representatives from five Sundance movies competed in a table-tennis tournament.

"We can't – I tore it up and used it as a table-tennis net," says someone else, shovelling the ripped remnants into a bin.

Approaching the 1972 trail-blazing "Pong"—a single bouncing bit and two white lines, which replicate a table-tennis match—the visitor may be seized by a feeling of disbelief: Surely people couldn't spend hours playing with that?

The spa was established by former Latvian table-tennis champion Vadim Sokolov after seeing the benefits of therapies he experienced as an athlete.

"The young people have music, they can play table-tennis, they can use the computer, there's a quiet area where they can work," she says.

There was ping-pong in the team room, however, with rookie Matt Kuchar dominating table-tennis rivals Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, and a speech on Tuesday by Maj.

I'm not sure why it took me until I was in my 50s to realize there was a comic novel, "The Mighty Walzer," to be written about my experiences as a boy table-tennis player growing up in Manchester, England, and dreaming of world domination.

Obama and Cameron later visited the Globe Academy in London's Southwark neighborhood, where they saw some science exhibits and then played a table-tennis match against two teenage boys.

He first came to the attention of British sports fans as a table-tennis star he was Britain's top-ranked player for eight years beginning in 1995 and a two-time Olympian.

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