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I even wear tabis, toe socks, trouser socks and those plain white footie socks.

N. Jenson, 1476, 2 vol. in fol.: _avec miniatures, relié en mar.r. doublé de tabis, dentelles et boîtes_: IMPRIME SUR

Chroniques de France, d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, d'Espagnes, et de Bretaigne, etc.; par _Froissart; Paris, G. Eustace, 1514. 4 vol. in fol.mar. r. doublé de tabis, et boîtes_ IMPRIME SUR VELIN.

Preparing to malama the 'aina, youth pulled on tabis and gloves.

SUNSET GLOW eekkk, they rock leopard better than the wondergirls! (the ground it leopard too). &its so cool when YB wears the same jacket but different color or style LOL xD i do agree with you whenever i see tabis eyes in this songs performance they look so alive!

It is feated in a bottom, furrounded by moun - tabis, and near a lake, which renders the air unwholefome, 15 miles NW of Mou - lins, and 150 s of Paris.

Introduces cos, & planr - tabis in monte hereditdtis tuae, * firmiflimo habita - culo ruo, quod operiius es,

_mar.r. doublé de tabis et étui_; IMPRIME SUR VELIN.

Lets all join the tabis at the party tonight

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