subterfuge in a sentence

Sentence with the word subterfuge

Regarding archives being deleted, it seems to me that a little subterfuge is required here, if you think your blog/newspaper is going to be bought out by megacorp, burn a copy on disc, say nothing, and take it home.

Despite what Zachriel may think, subterfuge is not an Olympic event.

More subterfuge is discovered, and in the end, the unicorn with the Jewel of Judgement appears.

But I don't mean to suggest that this is some form of deceit: it seems to me that the people fooled by this subterfuge are the people presenting the ID case themselves.

It doesn't have anything to add and can only dabble in subterfuge.

Indeed, if Obama, Reid and Pelosi use what can only be called subterfuge to pass the health care bill, what will they be emboldened to do next?

Thank you, HBM for referring to all that which can only remain subterfuge.

The subterfuge was the Ethiopians putting the war lords back into power in Somolia.

The only character who sees through the subterfuge is the ex-CIA agent, abandoned by his country, whose life of dirty deeds on behalf of The Company prepares him alone to understand his role and dig his way out.

So the only way to get in there was to use -- using subterfuge, which is what I did.

We were going strong last night and I got to subterfuge all over her!

he wasn't sick--it was just a subterfuge"; "the holding company was just a blind

John was walking through a dark alley and got shanked. Nigga got subterfuged.

People that cheat on their wives/husbands use subterfuge..

I subterfuged all over this crowd.

to reach for a magazine or stretching in hope of people not noticing that you just farted. subterfuge is usually commited in public.

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    • shift, evasion, artifice, pretest, expedient
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    • subterfuge turning, create subterfuge, a subterfuge, the subterfuge, in subterfuge
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    • deception, evasion, stratagem, artifice, ruse
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