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A uniquely Lubitschian picture in its elegance and graceful wisdom, with the gruffly intelligent, street-smart Hollywood writer and soon-to-be legend Ben Hecht collaborating, this take on the trials, titillations, and torments of a kind of relationship usually seen in true adult films, a ménage à trois and one involving the gorgeous trio of Fredric March, Gary Cooper, and Miriam Hopkins, is unlike any other movie of its era.

A street-smart cop can tell you that a pale angry face is potentially a lot more dangerous than a flushed angry face.

He answered: The recruits may not know how to read, but they are incredibly street-smart.

The story centers on a pair of street-smart detectives who encounter Deucalion while investigating a murder, leading them to a bizarre array of “engineered” humans.

Besides having aggressive, street-smart reporters on the ground in various Egyptian cities, Al-Jazeera has the reach to show how popular unrest is spreading to the rest of the Arab world, he said.

You know what, a lot of people that don't have that are worse off because they're not street-smart.

He's been so thoroughly domesticated by his loving owner, Linda Leslie Mann that he studies aerodynamics in his cage, yet continues to walk around their cozy home in Minnesota until a Brazilian ornithologist named Tulio comes out of nowhere and proposes mating him with the street-smart, high-flying Jewel in Rio to save the macaw species.

"So far, Loker's been sitting in the lab and is not what Lightman considers a very street-smart intellectual," Graziano adds.

Modern design and interior decorating is all about using the existing space to the hilt with creative and innovative thinking along with street-smart solutions that help make your home more beautiful and less crowded.

Dilshan's very street-smart and he'll do well as captain.

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