soapbox in a sentence

  • The only real reason to target vices for taxation besides our Puritanical politicians on their soapbox is that tobacco and alcohol are very inelastic goods.
  • If it weren't that they'd throw a massive amount of money at fixing a problem that doesn't need government's money to fix (It needs government to but the hell out and let the market correct itself and settle back down; but that's another conversation for another day, as I'm digressing, and the soapbox is getting a little rickety), I'd support them just to show how disillusioned I am with their party ...
  • You guys just seem upset that his soapbox is taller than yours.
  • The soapbox is a crudely painted recycled wooden crate that belongs to another of my students; she hauls it to various public events in Detroit.
  • A soapbox was the chair on which Nellie had been sitting; there was no other.
  • And the evangelist on the soapbox is a friend of his.
  • The soapbox will be her cell, for it was so small she could not lie down in it.
  • May has been vocal in his online "soapbox" - "I was doing it long before anyone used the word blog" - in opposing any repeal of the fox-hunting ban.
  • DON GONYEA: There's a small lot on the main thoroughfare at the state fairgrounds that's called the soapbox.
  • Any declared candidate is allowed to speak on the soapbox, which is sponsored by the Des Moines Register.
  • If you would get off your soapbox for a minute, you'd hear what I have to say.
  • The lunatic on the corner stood on a soapbox to tell us the world is ending.
  • He was out standing on the soapbox, bitching about how the world was unfair.
  • The soapbox derby is lame.
  • The world is a bad place. I'll get off my soapbox now.
  • Thomas was on his soapbox as he expressed that there was absoluely nothing wrong with feeling up little kids as long as you gave them candy.

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