smudge in a sentence

Sentence with the word smudge

However, I should have noted yesterday that the Jore campaign says the smudge is an erasure.

I suppose for what you call smudge regression you could choose a T so that as lambda approached some predefined value the fit would approach the average.

It was called "smudge" by some of the old railway companies that tipped any leftovers from painting their engines or coaches into a big tub, mixed them together and painted their goods wagons with it.

The smudge is the residue, and it is only the residue of his body, and it is only there because of his after-death.

Google has been stemming words for some time - enter the word smudge and Google will bold smudges and smudging in the search results.

You know that lipstick smudge is on your cheek while you're out in public, but you just don't care.

Thus, what Tommy's Collision Center called a "smudge" on the lens of the Q56's $1,000-plus high-intensity-discharge headlamp could not be "fixed" unless the entire, still completely functional, headlamp was replaced at original-equipment cost.

I can make out the shield, but the smudge is the worst "cameo" I have ever seen.

But Rogers disputed claims that umpires made him remove the dirt, saying he did so himself, calling the smudge at the base of his left thumb "dirt and rosin and all that stuff together."

This is a sage bundle, otherwise known as a smudge stick.

Yeah so, I totally smudged her. I ate a big bag of nuts the day before so it had texture for her pleasure.

Can you believe she smudged again?! Gross!

Susan's smudge elbow keeps on knocking into mine while we eat!" "Jimmy's getting a third stack of french toast? He's such a smudge." "Quit being a smudge and learn how to use some normal scissors!

That dude is a smudge.

That guy just killed three babies!""Damn what a smudge.

We've been smudged Gov'nor.

C'mon baby, I know I don't have any condoms - we could just smudge!

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    • stain, blot, smutch, smear, soil
  • Verb Forms for "smudge"
    • smudged, smudges, smudging
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