sh in a sentence

  • Done!. / compile. sh: line 38: syntax error near unexpected token ` ( '. / compile. sh: line 38: ` echo "sudo " sh. / install. sh "to install (on Ubuntu)."' reply to this
  • When I think of the current leaders and governments on the planet, the term sh -- for brains comes readily to mind.
  • CMX has demonstrated excellent taste in shôjo, so this one goes right on the “to buy” list.
  • And this credo is rarely as true elsewhere as it is in shôjo manga.
  • This transformation encapsulates the larger changes in shôjo manga in the 1970s, when authors used melodramatic conventions received from earlier shôjo magazines and novels, to create stories that explored the psychological interiority and sexual agency of girls.
  • Why do we care what you domestic terrorist think again sh!
  • I'd think that someone that's covered in sh*te shouldn't go saying that other people stink.
  • Fitzroy Y-ll-wpl-sh is short of money, or that the sallybrated hauthor of the Y — — Papers is in peskewniary difficklties, or is fiteagued by his superhuman littery labors, or by his famly suckmstansies, or by any other pusnal matter: my maxim, dear B, is on these pints to be as quiet as posbile.
  • I said bleakly, 'Do you call sh ... shooting my girl a little diversion.'
  • The most recent interpretation which has been suggested of these Hebrew words is to the following effect: The phrase shíqqûç shômem stands for the original expression bá ` ál shámáyîm (Baal of heaven), a title found in Phoenician and Aramaic inscriptions, and the semitic equivalent of the Greek Zeus, Jupiter, but modified in Daniel through Jewish aversion for the name of a Pagan deity.
  • I am worried. Jane is SH again
  • *Texting* Girl: my computer broke Girl #2: use ur phone Girl: I cant because Facebook always freezes Girl #2: Well, SH I guess...
  • Hey Ariel, your eyes are kind of bloodshot" "I'm SH"."Let's get SH and watch Across the Universe. Good party!

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