sexy in a sentence

Sentence with the word sexy

During his meetings with the design studio, Mr. Nordström came up with the phrase "sexy monastery" to describe the contradictory qualities he wanted in a home.

'We use the word sexy a lot and have forgotten the ultra- feminine,' she mused, signalling something of a corporate turnaround.

It's not often in our youth-obsessed culture that a woman of a certain age wins a contest with the word "sexy" in it.

Trust, love, what we call sexy, who we trust in a business situation, are all based on how open we are.

The fact that she can go from super casual to sexy is fabulous!

GROSS: I'm just curious, if this isn't too personal, did it change your idea of what sexy is to see, like, mostly nearly naked women dancing all the time and then not liking them?

But our fave WWH moment came when Cohen convinced Fey to gamely face a round of "Would You Rather?" that touched on everything from her taste in sexy symbols to her political deal.

Pretty and beautiful are in one category, sexy is in another.

Twelve soon-to-be journalists in sexy lingerie posed for a calendar entitled "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin!"

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- It may seem obvious that men perceive women in sexy bathing suits as objects, but now there's science to back it up.

girl 1:look at that whore thinking she's all the shit. there's nothing sexy about that slut girl 2:look at that fucking gut she's got girl 1:oh fuck that's nasty!!!!!!!!!!

No way that is sexy.

Eric is so damn sexy, I want him in my room

My girlfriend is wicked damn sexy, and hott!

Woooaaahh!!!! See that PSP? That is sexy!

Sorry to all you guys, this is just something sweet I decided to do for my GF, please dont hate on it with thumb downs Please accept it, this is just a little gift for my gf to see, you can delete it after a week if you like, I just want to show her I CAN be thoughtful My puppy Anna is sexy - James

Girl1>> this guy is so skinny !!! Girl2>> Yeah !! but he looks sexy ...

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    • raunchy, of, tasty, dreamy, dishy
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