service in a sentence

  • ****Remember that a *hand-job* to your local police officer is a *public* service, not just a *service*!
  • While I strongly agree with your point a above, I feel that Amp does provide a service for feminist women… are you concerned that he has an *agenda* to provide the *service* rather than to create a blog that looks at multiple viewpoints?
  • The Streletsian service was a life service and an hereditary service .
  • In fine, the word is applied to all persons doing service for others, and that _merely to designate them as the performers of such service_, whatever it might be, or whatever the ground on which it might be rendered.
  • Distinguish from _être de service_, ‘to be on duty,’ ‘be in attendance’; _se mettre en service_, ‘to go into service.’
  • _Instructions and Regulations for the service and management of heavy ordnance in the British service_.
  • The true and equitable law of humanity is the _free exchange of service for service_.
  • Customer service performance was measured along multiple dimensions: choice of communication channels, email response, web self-service, cross-channel consistency, single-channel (phone) cross-agent consistency and phone customer service*.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi in Europe has become as fast and reliable as the trains themselves, and this month, Amtrak in the U.S. is following suit: The rail company launched limited service two days ago, and Via has decided to upgrade its disappointing service by the end of the year.
  • She added that she sees it as improving service, rather than losing service and the centre was given ample notice that their funding was being cut.
  • Tell me you wouldn't service that.
  • kim u fukin stooooooooooooooge service....
  • Were you there to see dat service last night? Kid dunked on his grill!
  • I had service last night." " least it's safe to shake your hand again.
  • The San Diego hos were lining the docks and ready to service the sailors who were returning to shore after six months at sea.
  • From the 'The Talented Mr Ripley': Dick Greenleaf (Jude Law) on a boat trip: "Marge needs a service" - winks at his mates and proceeds below deck and give his sulky bird a good seeing to.

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