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UDM, IFP, DA and ID in the coming elction. we have a chance not to say Ho ja ka seke ka VOUTELA ANC.

The Boke of Kervynge (carving), written in 1500, warns the cook to: 'Beware of green sallettes and rawe fruytes for they wyll make your soverayne seke.'

Re seke ra kgwetsa re nwele diretebatsi kgotsa dinnotagi.

Ga o nnosi, ga o batla go e palaya, o seke wa batla ba felegetsi.

Ich dide seke to combyne a referaunce to the fyne poeme Widsyth and also to a shirte ich haue seen of oold that seyde 'dont make me get my flying monkeys.'

Reply iz play hide n seke… « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? says:

Christe our king, writeth that the Turkes, and Saracenes by an auncient opinion receiued from Machomet: do laughe Christian menne to skorne, that seke thether with so greate reuerence.

As for other extraordenary pleasures, they seke them not.

And zif it so befall, that the fadre or modre or ony of here frendes ben seke, anon the son gothe to the prest of here law, and preyethe him to aske the ydole, zif his fadre or modre or frend schalle dye on that evylle or non.

And also thei make here sacrement of the awteer of therf31 bred: for oure Lord made it of suche bred, whan he made his mawndee. 32 And on the Scherethors33 day make thei here therf bred, in tokene of the mawndee, and dryen it at the sonne, and kepen it alle the zeer, and zeven it to seke men, in stede of Goddis body.

My brother's seke in his depends on who's taller...

As he didn't like limiting his options and found both positions enjoyable, he preferred the fickle nature of the label "seke".

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