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Sentence with the word scrutinize

Congress - the very entity which authorized fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve ability effectiveyl control our economy - is now going to "scrutinize" it?!?

We do pay the Congress to "scrutinize" things like this, but unfortunately, their corporate benefactors pay them much more to let the corporations do the "scrutinizing" for them.

If you scrutinize both, you can probably figure it out based on button size and the slight difference in the bevels, but if you have to use the word "scrutinize," then the UI design has already failed.

If Obama didnt have anything questionable in his past, didnt have suspicious relationships with people of who are at best, unethical (and thats being kind by most standards) then there wouldnt be a need, would there, for any media to "scrutinize" him?

In his charge to jurors, Trafford instructed them to "scrutinize" her testimony with "the greatest of care. . .

If the Japanese feel they have threats in the neighborhood, as they do with North Korea and China, they tend to scrutinize our alliance.

She has little paper trail; she was never a judge and has no judicial opinions to scrutinize and has written relatively few law review articles.

That's not a waste of time, however, since the rooms are filled with curious and striking objects and decorations, which you may scrutinize almost as much as you'd like.

Every one of them—every duke, earl, baron, knight, and all their ladies, perhaps most particularly the ladies—scrutinize me for any sign of weakness.

He added that he would express his concerns to the government as regulators begin to scrutinize the deal.

In the works of Frank Zappa Joe's Garage Acts I, II, III- the central scrutizer stated: This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... it is my responsibility to enforce the laws that haven't been passed.

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  • Synonym for "scrutinize"
    • examine, investigate
  • Verb Forms for "scrutinize"
    • scrutinized, scrutinizes, scrutinizing
  • Phrases for "scrutinize"
    • shampoos scrutinize, primarily scrutinize, scrutinize everything, really scrutinize, scrutinize her
  • Hypernym for "scrutinize"
    • analyze, canvass, examine, canvas, study
  • Etymologically Related for "scrutinize"
    • scrutineer, inscrutable, scrutiny
  • Form for "scrutinize"
    • scrutinized, scrutinizing
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