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And for that matter, a stronger link could be forged between a mage's physical body and this sanctuary and stretched as tightly as a harp string Even if the moment of death were instantaneous, making it impossible for Ma'ar to do what Falconsbane had done and make the conscious flight along the link into the sanctuary~ the release of the tension at the end linked to the living physical body would literally snap the spirit into its sanctuary~ whether or not the mage himself was even aware of what was happening to him.

The entrance to the Altavista sanctuary is about 25 minutes walk down the track, on either side of which are plantations of guanabana (soursop) and other fruit trees.

One thing we learned in 'Nam: You leave the enemy a place to retreat and get organized, what they call a sanctuary, and you cannot beat him.

The word 'simplify,' the word 'sanctuary,' the word 'relax.'

'Here you will be quite to yourselves,' said Lady Clonbrony; 'let me establish you comfortably in this, which I call my sanctuary -- my

Note, The cleansing of the sanctuary is a happy token for good to any people; when they begin to be reformed they will soon be relieved.

Note, The shining of God's face upon the desolations of the sanctuary is all in all towards the repair of it; and upon that foundation it must be rebuilt.

After the Soviet conquest of Lithuania, the country was flooded with Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe who were seeking sanctuary from the Nazis.

For example, a young couple is said to have lived in the church around the plague time, seeking sanctuary from the law.

Even though time in the kitchen has been seriously subjected to attacks from dining out in fancy restaurants, owning a perfect looking and all-equipped eating sanctuary is still a must, since you never know when that cooking mania will hit.

I love watching Sanctuary because Amanda Tapping is the most perfect human being in existance.

Scott when im around you and you hold me tight within your arms i feel safe like your my sanctuary.

where is she?""in her sanctuary, crying

noun- "Brb, I need to visit the sanctuary."verb- "I really have to go sanctuary, can you point me to the nearest restroom?

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