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The local grass in Fort Myers is a very stiff broad-bladed variety, but we plant our test fields with annual ryegrass, which is more like the grass most mowers deal with throughout the rest of the country.

One of the problems with forage crops such as ryegrass and clover is that they have too much lignin, which can cause ruminants like cows to get sick.

The exact projects TGAC will start work on will be determined by an independent Scientific Advisory Board, but future projects could include economically important organisms such as ryegrass for sustainable bioenergy production, the tomato to understand its anti-cancer properties and the sheep to help farmers develop disease resistant breeds.

I'd paint the walls something pretty and fresh, like a green, maybe 'ryegrass' from behr.

Allergies to dogs, cockroaches, shrimp, ryegrass, Bermuda grass, birch, certain fungi and thistle also were more common in youths with the lowest Vitamin D levels.

There's a grim ring of truth to the episodes in which Mattie and her siblings make their own entertainment watching insects skitter across the surface of a septic tank; and there's no doubt that she knows her stuff when it comes to discussing tetraploid Italian ryegrass and distinctly unorganic compounds with names such as Promax.

Deryl thought it a good idea to sow ryegrass around the house in the fall and clover the next spring.

PUT DOWN ROOTS: Sow clover, wheat, or ryegrass after 24 to 48 hours, then wait.

SWEETEN THE PLOT: Plant clover or ryegrass in a small strip around the pond to stabilize the banks and give deer something to nibble on.

Grasses such as deer-tongue grass (Panicum clandestinum L.) and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) tolerate more acidic conditions than tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea L.) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.).

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    • bearded darnel, cheat, italian rye, lolium perenne, italian ryegrass
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    • grass
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    • fescue, blue grass, underachiever, amaranthine, rye-grass
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