rough-and-ready in a sentence

Sentence with the word rough-and-ready

For extreme sports enthusiasts, rough-and-ready weekend warriors, and klutzy amateur shutter-bugs, Olympus's line of Tough digital cameras have answered their needs.

The point about putting up veterinary experts like Morris for interview, quickly, is that it's like putting Kauto Star into a rough-and-ready maiden chase at Folkestone.

The rough-and-ready former magistrate's run-ins with Berlusconi over the past 15 years are the stuff of legend.

Most of the time, I admire the rough-and-ready Chinese determination to make things happen and worry about the details later on.

The easiest road might be to skip straight to a site named booksforboys. com, which actually recommends rough-and-ready books that real boys would like.

Animation turns to live action, rough-and-ready illustration turns to CGI, little-known voice-over artists are replaced by big-name Hollywood stars and puppets are swapped for real-life actors.

This week, the in-house promoters launch a new night in this rough-and-ready two-room venue under the arches.

Despite the terrifying headlines about encumbering graduates with mountains of debt, in practice they will work as a rough-and-ready graduate tax, so that expensive university education is paid for afterwards.

The bishops in Canterbury came to some rough-and-ready agreements: they established a new “pastoral forum” to help resolve disputes; they upheld existing moratoria against the ordination of openly gay and partnered people as bishops and against the public church blessing of same-sex unions.

How well regulators have performed this function can be guessed from a succession of global financial crises—as well as the rough-and-ready regulatory wisdom that has actually prevailed in those crises: Big banks don't need capital.

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