rhyming in a sentence

Sentence with the word rhyming

Then he delivers a roughly 25-minute monologue in rhyming verse that is by turns loony, ingratiating, egomaniacal, desperate and, shall we say, gastro-intestinal.

I am indeed much better, and have even begun to sing, I don't mean sing in rhyming composition, but, as the children say 'right earnest singing'.

A couple of children begin rhyming off numbers in English.

The story is written in rhyming couplets, which adds a nice touch.

VK: Cryptic rhyme will not be found in rhyming textbooks.

In a twist that Alicia will appreciate, the plaintiff apparently argued that a poem in rhyming couplets is not a poem.

And back to the Obama Mama shirt, it is just a function of his name rhyming with Mama.

“Klage”, a poem written in short rhyming couplets.

Furthermore, this characteristic wailing traditionally punctuated a ritual eulogizing, sometimes in rhyming form that required a fair degree of literary finesse.

The last two lines of this stanza with "here" and "there" rhyming is a nice ending.

Chris: Look at Benmont over there rhyming to that chick. Keith: Yes she is a very attractive young lady; he has been trying to impress her all night. Jason: Yea, but do you hear that story he is telling her. He just told her that he pushed the Camaro out of the snow -- that is not what happened at all, it was I that pushed the Camaro out of the snow because my arms are bigger. He just watched and played Skee-Ball on his iPad. It's ok though, I won't bust up his game. Chris: Haha. Who needs another beer? Keith: I do, make mine a Boiler-Maker. Jason: Hmm, I think I am gonna switch to Chardonnay. Jason: Excuse me for a moment, I need to take this call from my wife, she must have just woken up.

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