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_Moor_, and _More_: and when he says that his good nature towards the dunces was so great that he had even "rhymed for Moor" (Ib.v. 373.), I cannot but suspect that the Moor _for_ whom he had _rhymed_, was the

A few days after Chantal had been christened, Roald realized her name rhymed with Dahl and renamed her Tessa.

I fear I'm repeating them when I say that this comedy in rhymed verse does an all-too effective job in creating a boor who outstays his welcome.

He was fond of saying that his name rhymed with “weighty,” not “Wheaties.”

Reinhardt describes himself as someone whose goal is to “break the bonds twixt world and dream,” and “Afterlife” obliges him by turning his own story into an “Everyman” drama, a consideration of the transience of life and the inevitably of death, often delivered in rhymed couplets.

A few year ago, I finally heard it pronounced and thought to myself that it was funny that his name rhymed with Dracula.

Translations vouchsafe us glimpses of her mastery of technique, even in rhymed verse.

Somehow he got the notion that Themistocles was one of my special heroes, and just to show his total lack of respect for that worthy, and above all to tease me, he delighted in calling him Themi-stockles as if his name rhymed with "cockles," and like a simpleton I took pains to correct his pronunciation and sought to rouse his interest in the struggles between Athens and Sparta.

There is always the chance, though, that you may one day find yourself writing a sword-and-cloak melodrama in rhymed couplets; and in the meanwhile there are plenty more to choose from.

Altogether there are 7302 verses in short rhymed couplets, the rhyme being very imperfect.

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