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Verse without rhyme, is a body without a soul, (for the “chief life consisteth in the rhyme”) or a bell without a clapper; which, in strictness, is no bell, as being neither of use nor delight.

Why, for instance, Riordan has his characters speak in rhyme is never satisfactorily revealed.

I appreciate the implication that these small couplets are the only inoculation against certain death that kids have in their defensive arsenal -- and that the rhyme is a lesson hard-learned, acquired from the corpses of generations.

For example, “Crambo” is of extraordinary use to good rhyming, and rhyming is what I have ever accounted the very essential of a good poet: And in that notion I am not singular; for the aforesaid Sir Philip Sidney has declared, “That the chief life of modern versifying, consisteth in the like sounding of words, which we call rhyme, ” which is an authority, either without exception, or above any reply.

Shangil Tobaya "mean" flip a brick, "and the popular rhyme translates as" flip a brick, you will find gold. "

I therefore look forward allready to Spring, And if that invalluable Lady named Hope had not allready been throng'd and pesterd, nay allmost suffocated with addresses and Sonnets I would talk over my feelings in rhyme to her.

I find a rhyme is rather lonely without a picture.

As for writing poetry, I ask my poor students to experiment with a variety of poetic techniques for creating music with words, and that includes writing in rhyme and meter.

I think the best thing for me about this catchy rhyme is that now when I get frustrated at airports (which always happens) I can sing and everything will at least seem all right for those few seconds!

I was also told (over and over) that I should not be writing my stories in rhyme, because no one was going to be interested in those subjects in rhyme.

no one is safe, no one can hide. til chaos is spread, our fun won't subside." "ice cube will swarm on any mothafucka in a blue uniform. just cuz I'm from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me. a young nigga on a warpath and when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath of cops, dyin' in LA. yo dre, I got somethin to say- FUCK THE POLICE!!!" "you know the day destroys the night, night divides the day. tried to run, tried to hide- break on through the other side" "there's a little bit more to show. i got rhymes in my mind, embedded like an embryo.

a: Now it's time / to start this rhyme b: "Dude, that new song is so rhyme!" or "Life's a rhyme.

dat sure woz a tight rhyme, boy he can flow'' e.g ''there's a million of us just like me/ who cuss like me/ who just don't give a fuck like me/ who dress like me, walk talk n act like me/ n just might be the next best thing/ but not quite me'' - shady

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