regard in a sentence

Sentence with the word regard

True, it is incredible that men should treat as _chattels_ those whom they truly regard as _human beings; _ but that they should treat as chattels and working animals those whom they _regard_ as such, is no marvel.

'_From that placid aspect and meek regard, _' on the ground that; '_meek regard_ conveys no new idea to _placid aspect_.'

My “pet hate” current dossier in this regard is the soil directive.

One major reason why we are so different than countries like France and Germany in this regard is the overwhelming and determinative role big corporate money plays in our political process and policies.

All we have ever been asked for by local authorities in this regard is the last 3 bank statements showing income.

The only other person who can come close in this regard is the late pop singer-turned national hero Toshe Proeski (1981-2007), but he has been allowed to rest in peace for the last couple of weeks, after the closure of a defamation lawsuit between his girlfriend and his manager.

Whether to let students make their own mistakes in this regard is a philosophical question.

One of the most significant developments in this regard is the introduction of Helice Maki, another transplanted Earthling with an endgame that may or may not align with Quinn's.

Granted Seattle in this regard is at a disadvantage in that it seems the entire city has to agree on something to get anything done whereas East Side cities that might have the population of some single neighborhoods in Seattle can get things moving quicker.

At the moment, of course, the big buzz in this regard is a stoush between a couple of political bloggers.

greg: aye boy wuh guh mike: dunno dude, blunts and breezies? greg: regard mike: gard

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    • attend, remark, observe, consider, value
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    • regarded, regarding, regards
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    • regard to, hibernating regard, regard Fatah's, regard for, this regard
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    • respect, affection, gratitude, reverence, consideration
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