recreant in a sentence

Sentence with the word recreant

He whom thou hast called recreant knight, has been Saxon host.

a 'recreant' -- just what needs the slight punishment of instant death to the remarker -- and ... where is the way?

A Spanish soldier is represented dragging a fugitive Indian from a lake by a lasso around his neck; while on the shore stands a monk ready to baptize the recreant on his arrival!” [

"recreant," had he wavered when the descendant of Mary Stuart claimed his services.

A mosaic of images depicting your chronic laziness, unearned ego, and recreant cruelty.

“The last innocent has suffered at your hands, recreant,” grimly intoned THE WRAITH.

If her conduct was forward, well, her connubial expectations had been dashed by the recreant Popplewell, and the arrival of Flashy with whiskers rampant must have seemed like the answer to a randy young matron's prayer.

Could he be blamed as recreant if he had helped his unexpected ally to break out and return to his prince?

For he was recreant, he had exiled himself, knowing well what he was doing.

I went striding back down the valley, then, singing "A-hunting we will go", if I remember rightly, and was just in time to see Yakub and Kutebar return from their meeting with Buzurg Khan in a fine rage: the overlord had refused to risk any of his people in what he, the shirking recreant, regarded as a lost hope.

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  • Sentence for "recreant"
    • He whom thou hast called recreant
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  • Synonym for "recreant"
    • yielding, cowardly, meanspirited, craven, apostate
  • Hypernym for "recreant"
    • coward, quitter
  • Equivalent for "recreant"
    • disloyal, cowardly, fearful
  • Form for "recreant"
    • recreantly, recreance, recreancy
  • Same Context for "recreant"
    • slothful, craven, perfidious, dastard, retrogressive
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