recession in a sentence

Sentence with the word recession

BLOOMBERG: Whether the term recession, which is a technical term, will be appropriate, I have no idea, but the country is in a-- has some very serious economic problems.

BLOOMBERG: Whether the term recession, which is a technical term, will be appropriate, I have no idea.

"These stocks give new meaning to the term recession proof," Cramer said.

The country is still in recession from a techincal aspect.

Yes I agree the recession is slowing for the mega rich, but the working middle class has been in recession for over thirty years.

Many front line executives felt that the industry took undue advantage of the term recession and even those companies who remained profitable used it to cut expenses and block annual appraisals.

He also admitted that, you know, that he said that the term recession is something that economists use.

BASH (voice-over): An Atlanta town hall, John McCain insisted the term recession matters to economists, not people feeling the pinch, but concede that America is likely in one.

The term recession or whether we're in one is determined by a group called the National Bureau of Economic Research.

ELAINE QUIJANO, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Kitty, they did not use the term recession to describe the economic forecast, but Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as well as Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson did not paint a rosy economic picture.

Ronald Reagan: Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.

aveen:jeez whats with this weather? claire:its that damned recession aveen:why is this stool wobbly? claire: damn recession!

Ralph: Dude, the feds just lowered interest rates and backed a takeover of a large investment bank after acknowledging that we might be in a recession. Ted: This recession's been going on since Bush took over. How long until we call it an economic depression?

ME: Yo! men its been 5months and you ain't paid the $50 bucks you owe me.Buddy: Its the recession pal. I can't even earn me a dime.

Look at this recession biscuit. It's only got three chocolate chips.

My mom had to trade in her Mercedes for a stupid Geo because of the recession.

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    • restoration, withdrawal, retirement, retiral, regression
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    • depression, progress, advanced, boom
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