ratty in a sentence

  • Cages holding lumps in ratty jackets lined the opposite wall.
  • He was dressed in ratty jeans and an old green field jacket.
  • Used and ratty is fine as I am not going to use it for pasta.
  • But if you are in ratty jeans, and your hair is a mess, you might take it as an insult.
  • Madhani had traveled extensively through the dangers of Iraq — unarmed, unguarded, in ratty old cars — and he knew that many apparently random attacks had hidden histories behind them.
  • He admits it looks "ratty" - but that has only happened because he has always been so proud of it, and what it represents, that he has worn it into the ground.
  • That means that a lot of nerds are struggling for their next paycheck, living in ratty apartments and working in crappy jobs, and they don’t even realize that the reason they’re poor is because people find them offputting.
  • Could you elaborate on the data processing aspects of the investigation analysis such as the geographic information system analysis of the debris and drilling down into the so called ratty data, and if you're going to build a database to help you analyze the evidence you're collecting?
  • The furniture could only described as ratty and unsuitable for anyone's home.
  • Girls want to pay for that, so I'm okay with keeping my nasty kind of ratty hair.
  • Ethnic boy 1: Wallah Ramesh, you got a haircut aye.Ethnic boy 2: Yeah brah, don't give a fuck what it looks like, but i've got this ratty dangling from behind my ear. Sick aye waz
  • Aww!" Julie adoringly exclaimed as her friend's fancy rat affectionately kissed her hand, "your ratty is so cute!
  • Abby Wong is Ratty.Sweatpants and fruit snacks all day on Sunday is Ratty.Diet ginger ale in a coozie during football is Ratty.
  • Chris-"Karen Do you want to go for a drink" Karen "No Thanks, I'm feeling Miserable, snappy and irritable" Chris "Ratty Bitch
  • We're getting ratty tonight!" "Bombs for da boys
  • Nick: Is that his 3rd trey ball?Me: Yup hes got the ratty
  • look at that bum, he looks so ratty.

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