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The "rathskeller" was Larry Blake's trademark, a subterranean beer hall where some of the Bay Area's best blues, jazz and R&B bands performed over the decades.

The Siren, Tigre, is the mistress of the microphone, the torch singer of this underworld cabaret, a rathskeller existing on the perimeter of the stage where the deceased congregate to toast the good fortune of their mortality as we all watch the show together.

And I like the people I've met in the blogosphere, as maligned as that make-believe world is in print and the corner rathskeller.

Plus, don't I remind you of a long-ago rathskeller near your third-tier liberal arts college...

When Barack Obama was in the rathskeller down at Harvard, McCain was in the Senate working hard for the issues that have helped build this military to one of the strongest powers in history.

But there is other music -- sometimes neither inspiring nor beautiful when heard in a German rathskeller -- the music of rag time.

German university songs, banging their glasses on the table when they came to the chorus until we all caught the spirit of it and banged our glasses like rathskeller veterans.

Plaza, boulevard, vaudeville, menu and rathskeller have entered into the common speech of the land, and are pronounced as American words.

Vaudeville is vawd-vill; boulevard has three syllables and a hard d at the end; plaza has a flat a; the first syllable of menu rhymes with bee; the first of rathskeller with cats; fiancée is fy-ance-y; née rhymes with see; décolleté is de-coll-ty; hofbräu is huffbrow; the German w has lost its v-sound and becomes an American w.

He employed from seven to nine helpers, and his place occupied about 20 by 60 feet floor space, with a rathskeller in the basement; he paid $100 per month rental.

Come to the Rathskeller! It's open bar til 12 and they're not checking ID's!

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