quarter in a sentence

Sentence with the word quarter

They sold 6.7 billion in merchandise in 4th quarter 2008 alone*, and even during a down economy, Amazon products are selling even more - Amazon shopping was up 18% in fourth quarter*.

Sales of $2.3 billion rose 7% from the second quarter Adjusted diluted EPS of $1.02 up 6% from second quarter*

Our coach this quarter is a younger preacher, whose hefty stature matched his voice.

You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris?

There you see some video right now of the storm dumping what they describe as quarter size hail in the area.

"Here's what they call a quarter dollar from 1801, not long before states started breaking away and going off on their own."

Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in the US?

GEORGE: We're -- we have all these individuals, in most cases, in what we refer to as quarter status.

And do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris?

One thing that has been underlined for me over the past year and a quarter is the uniqueness of the Canadian transportation challenge.

She said "kiss me," he gave her a quarter.

Guy1-"dude, katie is a dime for sure"Guy2-"Yeah I guess, but emily's a quarter"Guy1-"word

Sarah: hey there's Catriona's other half Jane: you mean her other quarter

I really liked my apartment in the Quarter, but I had to move to the Marigny when some yuppie consortium bought the building to make condos.

Shit, dog, we got to smoke some of this bag. If the cops catch me with more than a quarter I'm fucked.

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    • locality, shelter, entertainment, mercy, friendship
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