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Strict attention to these little punctilios is all important, and their non-observance is always a subject of comment, and frequently determines your position in society.

I am one of your children, after a fashion; I am sure you care for me more as if I were a daughter than as a woman cares for her friend, and the real sympathy between us is when you forget all the usual 'punctilios' between grown-up people, and think of me as of a child, to be taken care of and not be allowed to get into mischief.

I am ready at all times to do what essential services I can, but such punctilios I do not like nor expect from a man of genius.

This ticks many of my fictional boxes: court intrigue, conspiracy, murder and mayhem, a clear and distinct society with its own punctilios and protocols.

'Mandlebert is a creature whose whole composition is a pile of accumulated punctilios.

Adams avoided seeing the work in progress for fear of upsetting the artist with a chance remark, but Roosevelt, unfettered by such punctilios, insisted on having a look.

These punctilios of the Desert are peculiarly nice and tetchy; nor do strangers readily realise them.

I have sent to Dartmouth a sight of noblemen and gentlemen, maybe a half-hundred; and Valdez himself, who when I sent my pinnace aboard must needs stand on his punctilios, and propound conditions.

This is in the grand style, Oriental, dilatory, ponderous, savouring of times when battles were affairs of private arrangement between monarchs and hedged about by all the punctilios of an affair of honour.

There are, my dear Miss Howe, a multitude of punctilios and decorums, which a young creature must dispense with, who, in a situation like mine, makes a man the intimate attendant of her person.

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