promoter in a sentence

Sentence with the word promoter

Even if you're a professional down the road and a promoter is asking you to stir things up, you're not going to do it?

John Barclay smiled as he lifted his lame foot to a fat leather chair in front of him and said, "That was what we call the promoter's profit."

The promoter is putting on a series of quality promotions lately, this Mannheim fight dovetailing with the second leg in Liverpool on the same evening, when Nathan Cleverly, Matthew Macklin, Kell Brook and James DeGale move closer to world title shots.

In addition the event is co-hosted by Minutemen American Defense, a Washington state-wide American citizen defense coalition headed by Shawna Forde, a re-born Rock promoter from the days of the music world-shaking Seattle Rock explosion.

He said: There needs to be something really strong in place if a promoter is found to be ripping off young bands.

Jacobi knew that every gene has a little bit of DNA ahead of it called a promoter, which decides where the protein which the gene codes for is produced.

Differences in promoter structure believed to reflect fundamental differences in the transcription proteins proved to be insignificant.

Expression of Cre and hence targeting of the floxed gene can be restricted to e.g. T cells (lck promoter), cardiac muscle (cardiac myosin promoter), neurons (enolase promoter) or epithelia (cytokeratin promoter).

But that's what I would call someone who thinks the 35S promoter is a fully infectious virus that's going to cause rampant cancer in all who taste GMO crops.

The first name and the chief promoter is that of Thomas

John: hey ladies, you all looking beautiful Sarah: oh please! Diane: you're just saying that cuz you're a promoter John: while that may be true, come to my club and i'll take care of you Kristen: let's go to club XtaC tonite, i know the head promoter there, he can get us in for free Charlene: you are such a ho Tyrone: damn bro, the life of a promoter is great, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches and invite them into VIP Deepak: yeah? well the life of a bartender is better, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches AND get tipped Security: ok kids, get out of the way, the owner coming thru Kevin: ladies, come to the after-party Ryan: wutup promoter, can I roll thru your after-party? Kevin: sorry dude, no hard feelings - but I'm trying to get laid

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