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Sentence with the word powdering

In houses of any pretension was a small room set apart for the purpose, and it was known as the powdering-room.

They keep silent about it as though it were a kind of powdering or painting.

Another Committee of Fourteen investigator in 1914 observed the loose behavior of women workers in a restaurant: “They were putting on their aprons, combing their hair, powdering their noses, . . . all the while tossing back and forth to each other, apparently in a spirit of good-natured comradeship, the most vile epithets that I had ever heard emerge from the lips of a human being.”

On the endless, windy beach at l'Espiguette, a few kilometers outside of town, a fine, white powdering of it coats the sand.

Far worse are a group of Harlem youths who notice Emma Lou powdering her nose near the same spot.

Quickly powdering my T-zone and applying a coat of lip gloss, I was ready to do my whole mysterious, hot girl routine.

At some historical periods, wealthy people have done stupid and unproductive things, like powdering their faces with lead or binding their feet, which less privileged people are thankfully not compelled to do.

I guess she was powdering her nose, or something. datingjesus

Even as some are touting her as a serious candidate for president of the United States, it's important to realize she proved ill-prepared to be governor of Alaska -- more interested in powdering her nose than putting it to the grindstone.

He probably had some hot girl powdering his pecker.

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