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Nice fish bud, the pier is a little small though ...

Just a few hundred feet from the pier is the building that stood in as the bar where Eko went all Jason Vorhees.

The land in front of the pier is almost dry and you could easily drive a couple of trucks there.

One other note that came across our desk here, at BWI, Baltimore Washington International, one of what they call a pier, which sounds to us as one of the places where the plane pulls up -- I mean, there are several gates there -- five gates -- was shut down and evacuated after a white powdery substance was found in a trash can.

"The loss of any Birch pier is significant," Wills said.

And the new malecon stretching out from both sides of the Chapala pier is beautiful and replete with more beaches below it's walls.

They'll be done by the time the pier is ready for them.

The Ajijic pier is a favorite spot at sunset, with refreshments available while the sun dips behind the beautiful mountains along the lake horizon.

One of the best places to enjoy fishing alone at the pier is on the Matanzas Inlet, where the Matanzas River meets the Atlantic Ocean ......

Note that virtually all the beachfront to the left of the pier is gone today.

A pier begins on land and ends in the water; metaphysically it spans from the physical to the emotional.

I was appalled by that pier.

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