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That's because, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "pie" - defined as a baked dish topped with and sometimes also surrounded by pastry - may well derive from the Latin word pica, meaning magpie.

"The new message is sent to the Bot class to create a new robot and associate with it the name pica := is for assignment"

Children who are iron deficient will eat dirt, a condition known as pica, in an attempt to get what their body needs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They had a disorder called pica, where they ate things that aren ` t food, like chalk, dirt, batteries, things like that.

If you have it, you are going to see these symptoms -- weakness and fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritability, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and something known as pica -- this is a very interesting phenomenon, Paula.

The twelfth part of a pica is the unit, called a _point_, by which type bodies are measured.

The habit of dirt eating or clay-eating, called pica, is well authenticated in many countries.

Some patients have a condition called pica, thought to be caused by a nutritional deficiency, where they ingest rocks, clay, or dirt.

Occasionally, when dogs and cats are severely ill, they display a behavior called pica, where they eat unusual items.

It is now called pica after the magpies, or Picae, whose diet includes everything eaten by anything or anyone.

Does my child have pica?

Her pica has a hitler moustache on it.

Jezisi! Ty jsi takova pica! (Christ! You're such a bitch!)

Cletus, how many times do I have to tell you to lick that knife off afore you stick it back in the butter. Land sakes, boy, you best be-have or they'll make you mayor of Pangburn. Pica: if one person does it it's sick but if thousands do it it's an affirming cultural experience

Why the hell is there not a pica between that photo and that caption?

a) chlpatá piča - hairy pussy b) Ty piča! - You bitch! c) Do piče/piči! Dopiče/Dopiči! - Fuck! d) Ty piča! - You bitch.

Chupa minha pica - "Suck my Dick

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    • chthonophagia, geophagy, allotriophagy
  • Rhyme for "pica"
    • Formica, Micah, mica
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    • linear unit, linear measure, bird genus
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