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That is true, but better living through pharmacotherapeutic self-defense is not the answer.

The tariff for pharmacotherapeutic services would be based on the cost of the medicine as well as on the time required to instruct the patient on the correct and safe use of the supplied medication.

Marketing his pharmacotherapeutic services was something that needed to be done with circumspection, keeping in mind the advertising code of the pharmacy council.

Specific pharmacotherapeutic details are discussed elsewhere in the text.

Sir James W. Black realized the great pharmacotherapeutic potential of receptorblocking drugs and developed in 1964 the first clinically useful beta-receptorblocking drug, propranolol.

This pharmacotherapeutic principle is used in the combination drugs trimethoprim-sulfa and pyrimethamine-sulfa which are used in the treatment of bacterial infections and malaria, respectively.

Black was the first to realize that the development of a clinically useful beta-receptor blocking drug might introduce a new pharmacotherapeutic principle in the treatment of coronary heart disease (angina pectoris).

The award recognizes the achievements of an individual who has made a significant contribution or sustained contributions to the provision of pharmaceutical care within the clinical/pharmacotherapeutic practice.

Idelevich E, Kirch W, Schlinder C. C.rrent pharmacotherapeutic concepts for the treatment of obesity in adults.

Current pharmacotherapeutic options for treating obesity and related metabolic disorders remain limited and ineffective.

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