pertains in a sentence

Sentence with the word pertains

My title pertains to economic concepts espoused not just by central minister deserves to be complimented for having formulated a new tax code that envisages a radical reform of the Income Tax Act It seeks to simplify

My title pertains to economic concepts espoused not just by central Too many people bought too much house for too many years.

Now the grace of the word pertains to the instruction of men among whom the difference of sex is found.

In this connotation however, the word pertains to the new growth of plants, grasses and trees typically seen in temperate regions.

Cherry Hill, N. J.-based N.vilex (OTCBB: N.LX) said the new name pertains to the product's active ingredient, cinnamon.

(The asterisk in the title pertains to the film's tagline, "The side effects of being American.")

The issue of what counts as a complete (grammatical) sentence opposed to a sub-sentential complex expression pertains to syntax, rather than to semantics or pragmatics.

"That is in our view the situation that pertains, that is our legal advice, That will certainly be the way in which we approach the matter," Selfe said

The remainder of the ceremony is then conducted as in the manner described as pertains to the first degree of the Midē´wiwin.

And so it may be said in regard to the responsiveness to the higher spiritual truths -- I don't say COMPREHENSION of the higher spiritual truths (that word pertains rather to an intellectual grasp), but RESPONSIVENESS to the higher spiritual truths.

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  • Synonym for "pertains"
    • belong, appertain, relate
  • Antonym for "pertains"
    • irrelevant
  • Verb Forms for "pertains"
    • pertained, pertaining, pertains
  • Phrases for "pertains"
    • it pertains, question pertains, five pertains, certainly pertains, This pertains
  • Rhyme for "pertains"
    • Alane, Aquitaine, Ayn, Bahrain, Biscayne
  • Hyponym for "pertains"
    • apply, concentrate on, matter to, center on, hold
  • Hypernym for "pertains"
    • belong, belong to
  • Form for "pertains"
    • pertained, pertaining
  • Same Context for "pertains"
    • hyperinsulinism, squill, flow'r, scrunch, ides
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