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Sentence with the word permit

By the time we get to the border, the permit is already in the window and they have never requested our auto permit documents when obtaining a FMT.

In Georgia (at the time I got my original one), the only thing you needed for a permit is a clean record and the Judge to have a good day.

Any time limit on such a permit is an infringment.

Guns are purchased from the Mexican Military, once the permit is acquired.

The cost of renewing a state pistol permit is $70.00 payable to the Department of Public Safety in the form of a check or money order.

It feels analogous to requiring every community organizer that wants to publish a newsletter to get a permit from the Sheriff first.

MY problem is that here in the rapidly developing people's republic of North Carolina, one has to obtain a pistol purchasing permit from the county sheriff in order to purchase one.

The Viridor plant requires a permit from the Environment Agency to go ahead with building in Splott - but this consulation period has already been extended by the agency to gain more representations.

Under the OP's plan of action, they will probably be OK (leaving the country by land so no one will be asking for the FM-T to which the vehicle permit is tied).

The permit is valid as long as the permit is valid .. or as long as the importer maintains their legal status (via obtaining an FM3/2).

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