patina in a sentence

Sentence with the word patina

To a true collector the crappy look can be the real deal, and sometimes that old funky patina is what people try to fake too. best of luck,

But as each day passed, his regime was beginning to acquire a certain patina of legitimacy.

You have been taught that to scratch the surface will shatter the wafer thin patina of the nose-ring Karl leads you around with.

You must be confusing this with Redstate … where maintenance of the ‘thin patina’ is Job One!

All the various scratches on the ossuary are coated in the original patina and only the inscription and its immediate surroundings are coated with an artificial "patina" - like

The only really strong point the arguers for its authenticity have is the so-called 'patina analysis,' which was measured at an Israeli laboratory and appears homogeneous.

"The patina is a protective coating that the copper creates for itself," Rambo said-which isn't to say the metal doesn't need a little TLC now and again.

The quarters were of no interest, but I noticed a dime that had a strange kind of patina to it and took a closer look.

But for used-car money somebody got a really usable collector car with a great history (it was on the 1952 Glidden Tour) and a "patina" of use that a restoration would only erase.

And I think he's using the kind of patina of being a centrist to get that done.

Dude, Jojo is totalled passed out, let's antique him! I'm actually feeling a little bit adventurous, let's go with the patina tonight. Go grab the camcorder.

My 85 Oldsmobile Cutlass Brougham has a very nice patina on it." "No! Don't buff out the patina on my Grandma's chastity belt you idiot!

I blame American Pickers for popularizing the use of the word "patina" to describe someone's rusted, dented and faded old vehicle".

Alex got drunk and passed out last night, so we patina'ed him and posted the video for the world to see.

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